My work, made from stoneware or porcelain, is both  functional and decorative, and includes bowls, covered jars, vases, plates, platters, mugs and casseroles. My influences are largely Asian and Native American. I favor traditional glazes from China (celadons) and Japan (shinos) often combined with slips, washes and other glazes. Additional decorative techniques include brushwork, slip or glaze trailing, stamping, and carving.

Most of the pots are fired in a cone 10 reduction atmosphere which produces a rich combination of color, texture and depth of surface, as well as a strong body able to withstand oven temperatures and dishwashers. This firing method also means that finished results can vary quite a bit, even when the same glazes and clay body are used. I value this element of surprise – it means that every piece is unique – even in a set of bowls or plates.

Some of my pieces are smoke fired, an ancient method that results in random patterns of black and white in the clay, and uses no glaze. These pieces are primarily decorative since they are not water tight.

In my work I aim for both beauty and utility – pieces that look good and are well suited to the task - exhibiting a full and lively quality while retaining the gestures of the hands that made them. I strive for lush and varied surfaces that invite touch and make even the simplest piece feel luxurious and distinctive.

My work has been exhibited in various venues in New York and Massachusetts,  including Greenwich House Pottery, IS 183 Art School, Nippon Gallery, Graphic Eye Gallery and Hoadley Gallery.


Margie Skaggs Ceramics